Benefiting Ring Dog Rescue


So ferocious! Many would agree that pit bulls are the most mischaracterized canine in all of dogdom. Truth is, these little fur balls of joy are fun-loving, full of snuggles, and ready to give you all the licks. They are smart, loyal, always up for adventure and full of colorful personality.

When Kelley Blanchard started the Richmond Pit Bull Project, she wanted to showcase the dog we all love so much in a cool and thoughtful way, so that folks who think differently can see just how cute and cuddly these dogs are. At the same time, she wanted to raise money for Ring Dog Rescue, a local rescue organization, focused specifically on housing and rehabilitating pit bull type dogs. In fact, 20% of sales from each purchased book goes to them. By buying this book, not only are you becoming another advocating voice for pit bulls, but you are also ensuring that future rescues find someone who is going to love them and care for them, and that dog is going to do the same in return, with all the licks.

Benefiting Ring Dog Rescue


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